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LeanBPI is a business improvement consultancy. We work with SME and Micro industry clients to provide them with solutions that enable them to improve their business performance while reducing stress. Drawing on over 35 years of operational experience, we work together with our clients to design and implement new workflows or processes, creating customised solutions for each customer. We specialise in working with SME/Micro clients on digitisation of their processes.

Our value offering is to develop bespoke solutions, built to meet client needs. We analyse existing processes and draw on our process design experience to develop a solution which meets the unique needs of the customer.

At Lean BPI we pride ourselves in providing a service that shows you how to optimise your business processes and achieve the greatest levels of efficiencies. Our strategic approach not only focuses on improving your competitiveness and enhancing your productivity but also keeps customer service at the heart of your business.

Lean best practice highlights that you can most effectively achieve lean management by identifying and eliminating waste. Implementing these strategies requires a business-centric approach that benefits from personalisation and bespoke solutions. At LeanBPI, we undertake to understand your business, we combine that knowledge with our extensive experience to create a tailored solution to improve your business effectiveness and increase your productivity.


John O’Shanahan is Lean BPI’s managing director and is a senior Lean management practitioner with qualifications in Lean and Six Sigma from the University of Limerick.

John has over 35 years broad experience in business operations (maintenance, quality, process engineer, customer service engineer, production manager, plant manager). He has worked with multiple companies, including Verbatim, CMC Magnetics, Ecotone and AMAG, across locations in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Having spent 17 years working overseas, John returned to Ireland in 2007. Since his return, his focus has been on helping businesses, small and large, to create efficiencies within their companies.

When you work with Lean BPI, John will provide personal coaching sessions on, utilising lean tools, applying their principles, and adopting progressive management approaches. Working together in this way allows you to benefit from his valuable insight and experience which will improve the performance of your business and help you excel as a business leader.

John is very passionate about his work and is driven by how much he can help and guide businesses through a continuous improvement process and deliver leaner businesses.

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35 years Operational experience in 6 countries.

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We have worked with a range of clients of all sizes to improve their business processes. By implementing a strategic approach which values customer service above everything else, a company can improve competitiveness and enhance productivity.

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