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John O’Shanahan
Lean Consultant

John O’Shanahan is Lean BPI’s managing director and is a senior lean management practitioner who has achieved diplomas in Lean and Six Sigma from the University of Limerick.

John has an extensive background that spans over 30 years where he has supported many companies to improve their business effectiveness from large corporates through to SMEs and micro businesses in sectors including manufacturing, services, engineering and construction.

When you work with Lean BPI John will provide personal coaching sessions on how to utilise the lean tools, their principles and help you to adopt different management approaches. Working together in this way allows you to benefit from his valuable insight and experience which will improve the performance of your business and help you excel as a business leader.

Key to John’s approach is his coaching techniques that enable you to truly understand and adopt some of the tools and methodologies that will improve your data collection and drive continuous improvement through effective KPIs. John believes that the right KPIs are the key to your success and will build your road to improvement.  To quote Peter Drucker: “what gets measured gets managed” .

Through creating KPIs that are challenging but attainable you can empower your managers to buy-in to the continuous improvement process. This will not only give them control and enable them to test and tweak their improvement efforts but will also allow them to analyse and reflect on their results to create a continuous improvement cycle.

John’s background speaks for itself as an experienced lean practitioner with extensive operational experience in Europe, Asia and North America, although his focus over recent years has been on large to small businesses in Ireland. Take a look at our client testimonials to see what they have to say about us.

John is passionate about his work and is driven by how much he can help and guide businesses through a continuous improvement process and deliver leaner businesses.

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